Flood Safe,
Cambrian House,
1 Cambrian Place,
Powys SY18 6BX

Your First Line of Defence From Flooding

The FloodSafe 3000 alarm system will give you early warning of rising flood water, enabling you to sleep easy at night. It will ensure you have time to put your flood defences in place to protect your home or business.

The FloodSafe 3000 Alarm System

  • Detect when water reaches a level outside your property, such as a boundary wall in your garden.
  • Sound an alarm in the property to alert you to the problem or wake you if you are asleep.
  • Telephone up to 3 phone numbers of your choice, such as your mobile phone if you are out, or your friends and family if you are on holiday.

Easily installed the FloodSafe 3000 alarm system provides an affordable solution to your flood worries! Full telephone support included with purchase.

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