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The FloodSafe 3000 Flood Alarm System

The Floodsafe 3000 alarm system comprises a float-switch in weatherproof housing, alarm control panel with telephone dialler, all necessary cables and accessories, full instructions, and a friendly after-sales service.

The FloodSafe 3000 Alarm System is designed to be used in conjunction with a flood barrier product. Our alarm provides you with an early-warning which gives you time to install your flood defences, it does not protect from rising flood-water.

How the FloodSafe 3000 Alarm System Works

Flood Alarm System Flow Diagram

A Float-Switch with Weather-Proof Housing

The float-switch is designed to be installed outside your property and is contained within a fully weather-proof housing to protect it from the elements.

It should be installed a suitable distance from your property, to allow sufficient early warning of rising flood waters, for example on a river bank or steps up to your property.

The flood-switch is wired to the alarm control panel inside your property using cable which is suitable for being buried in the ground and will withstand extreme weather conditions.

As the flood waters rise the float-switch breaks the circuit and triggers the alarm, warning you of an impending flood.

The float-switch is wired to be a closed-circuit, therefore if the cable is severed, for example you put a spade through it, the alarm will sound.

A Control System with Auto Dialler

Flood Alarm Control PanelAt the heart of our alarm system is a professional-grade alarm control panel which continually monitors the flood alarm circuit. If the circuit is broken (indicating a flood) the control panel sounds an alarm. The alarm is disabled by typing in a security number into the key-pad.

If you are not at home to respond to the alarm, the telephone dialler will ring 3 designated phone numbers. This could be your mobile phone number, so you are alerted if you are away from your home, or your friends or family who could put your flood defences in place for you.

These 3 phone numbers are easily re-programmed and can include mobile phone numbers. You can also pre-program the number of times the system will try each number until a response is gained.

When answered, the person simply types their security number into their phone to cancel the alarm. If unsuccessful with the first number, the auto dialler will try each of other numbers in turn.

This system will not interfere with your computer’s broadband service if a microfilter is used.

The Control System is mains-wired and also contains an internal battery backup enabling full functionality for up to 8 hours in case of power cut.

Flood Alarm System The Control Systems comes complete with:

  • Up to 25 metres of internal cable to connect to the float-switch’s external cable.
  • Up to 25 metres of external cable. Longer cable lengths can be requested when ordering.
  • 1 metre of phone cable to connect to your BT phone socket.
  • 5 metres of mains cable (and plug), for power connection.
  • All necessary cable connectors, mounting screws and a phone-splitter.

Full Instructions and Friendly After Sales Technical Service

The Floodsafe 3000 alarm system can be quickly and simply installed by a qualified electrician. A simple-to-follow installation guide is provided with the system.

The Floodsafe 3000 alarm system is easy to use and comes complete with handy user-guides for basic tasks such as changing the designated phone numbers etc.

Full telephone support is provided with purchase.

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